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Wonder planter 10.5”, 12.5”, 15.5” combo - decorative plant pots

Wonder planter 10.5”, 12.5”, 15.5” combo - decorative plant pots

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Introducing our exclusive Bali-style

Wonder Planters, epitomizing both beauty and functionality. These planters are more than just objects; they are versatile pieces of art, designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any indoor or outdoor space they occupy. Impeccably crafted, our Wonder Planters effortlessly merge practicality with style, offering a charming visual appeal that is sure to impress. Amplify the beauty of your spaces with these tastefully designed, Bali-inspired planters that have been making significant waves in the community. This collection includes a set of six planters, packaged thoughtfully for lovers of varied plant sizes. The package contains two 10.5" planters, two 12.5" planters, and two 15.5" planters, offering an optimal solution for anyone looking to house plants of different sizes. Experience the magic of our Bali-style Wonder Planters, where style meets functionality for a truly remarkable gardening experience.

Please Note:

These planters are made from five times recyclable polypropylene and UV treated for long life in hot Sun. 

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