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Planter ribbed style- a perfect pot for indoor plants.

Planter ribbed style- a perfect pot for indoor plants.

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Light weight

This planter is made from a light weight fiber material.

Easy to clean

This plant is very easy to clean, just wipe the planter with a soft cloth. If the planter becomes dirty then use a mild detergent.

Kitchen garden friendly

The material used for making this planter is suitable for growing fruits and vegetables, apart from the ornamental plants.

Highly Durable

This planter is highly durable and weather resistant. This planter can be used both for Indoor as well as outdoor planting.

Rib Round Planters: Time-Tested Design for Garden Glory

Elevate your garden with our Rib round planters, a classic and proven design that brings timeless elegance to your outdoor space. This planter is crafted to enhance the beauty of your garden and is available in two stylish colors to complement any environment.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas, the Rib round planter adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. Its versatile design allows you to showcase your favorite plants and flowers with ease, whether placed on a patio, balcony, or in a living room. 

Experience the enduring charm and functionality of our Rib round planters, a must-have addition for garden enthusiasts looking to enhance their outdoor oasis.

Plants are not included with this purchase.

Material: Poly stone


Diameter: 12”



  • FAQS

Is it safe to buy Planters online ?

Yes it is very safe to buy planters online. Our expert team will do a safe packaging so that the planter will reach you in perfect condition.

Where can I buy flower pots online ?

You can buy Flower pots online from our website can select from the different shapes and sizes available.

If I buy a fiber planter online will it be of same quality as offline.

There will not be ant quality compromise between online and offline products, all the planters will be of same quality.

Is it ok to buy large planters Online ?

Yes, it may be large or small planters that you purchase from the website , the overall packaging process is the same.

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