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Laughing baby Buddha monk idol.

Laughing baby Buddha monk idol.

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Light weight

This planter is made from a light weight fiber material.

Easy to clean

This plant is very easy to clean, just wipe the planter with a soft cloth. If the planter becomes dirty then use a mild detergent.

Highly Durable

This planter is highly durable and weather resistant. This planter can be used both for Indoor as well as outdoor planting.

Laughing Buddha idol.

Proudly presenting our Baby Buddha monk, a delightful pixie who's come to life from poly stone. This enchanting idol has the magic power to sprinkle joy and prosperity all over your sweet home. Having earned a VIP spot in the world of Feng Shui, it's pretty much the Beyoncé of spiritual trinkets. Whether you let it chill on a study table or turn up the sass on your TV unit, this little rockstar promises to hit all the high notes. Crafted with love from lightweight polystone, it's a wee Buddha with a big personality! The perfect little companion for your bookshelves. This statue takes the shape of peace, representing a cool dude that tells us to turn a deaf ear to all things bad. Colors chosen with a keen eye and careful thought, designed to vibe perfectly with your home's interiors. Now, who wouldn't want this trendy, peace-loving baby Buddha around?

Material: Poly Stone

Height:19 cm

width: 19 cm

Depth:15.5 cm

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