Shipping and delivery policy

Delivery Charges

Your delivery charges will be displayed during the checkout process.

Your delivery schedule will depend on the product and the time that you placed your order.

Accessories will be shipped with in two days of receiving the order and for the plants the shipping will be done between Monday to Wednesday depending upon the distance the plant has to be shipped, keeping in mind that maximum priority is given for less to zero damages.

We adhere to our standard packing which we believe is competent enough to withstand any abuse during the transit but in case if any damage happens we do not take the responsibility. 

Dear Customer

Your order is valuable to us. We care for your orders .So please go through our policies before you place your orders.

The Plant Shop retains the right to refuse any order unconditionally.

All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of Court at Chennai, India, only.

If The Plant Shop is unable to ship your order, then complete refund will be made. We shall not be liable for any other charges, loss of profits, emotional stress or any other liability etc. caused due to non-shipping.