Care and propagation for Money plant

Money plant also known by the name  Pothos  is a very easy to grow indoor plant that we recommend for the beginners, this plant comes in striking light green color that has a soothing effect on eyes.

Money plant in Chennai for online sale #1.Soil requirement for money plant

This plant grows in a potting mix that is good in drainage that is a potting mix consisting of 30:30:40 of peat, Compost, river sand.given this composition the plant is happy to grow and gives out a striking foliage.

#2. Watering for Pothos

We believe that there should be a pattern that has to be followed for this plant, once the plant is watered one should allow  the top 2" soil to dry completely and then water the plant thoroughly this plant is susceptible for root rot if the roots and siting in water for long time .If one intends to grow the plant totally in water then we recommend to just immerse the roots in the water and see to that the leaves do not touch the water

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#3. lighting for  money plant

This plant can grow in moderate lighting conditions. We suggest to grow this plant in a balcony or a window sill that does not have direct sun light this plants do not prefer direct sunlight.

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