Zamia -ZZ Plant in an earthen planter

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Zamia most commonly known by the name ZZ Plant is one of the easy indoor plants that can grow on the containers, this plant is best known to adopt any kind of environment and can grow even in the neglected conditions. ZZ plant is best suitable for people who go on long vacations as it is very good drought resistant plant. We recommend this for beginners as it is a promising plant and an amazing plant by looks, its shiny leaves gives it a plastic effect that gives a glossy look to the modern interiors

Care for ZZ Plant:

As such it is very easy to take care of this plant, ZZ plant thrives in a low lighting area and needs very low watering it can be watered once in 7-8 days, and can grow will in a well drain potting mix, while coming to lighting this plant can grow in a very low lighting conditions.