Syngonium (Arrow Head Plant)

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Syngonium most commonly known by the name Arrow Head Plant is a very commonly grown household plant as it grows in low to medium lighting. This plant is recommended for the beginners because of its low maintenance and good looks

This is a foliage plant and has a variation form dark green to light green color this plant can be mixed with some other foliage plants to get a stunning effect

Care for the Syngonium:

Soil: This plant needs a well drained potting mix in the ratio of 1:1:1 of the peat:compost:building sand or the river sand

Watering: This plant needs less watering but can grow even if there is na bit m ore moisture in the soil.

Lighting: This plant can grow in a low to medium lighting conditions and hence it is a perfect choice as a indoor plant.

Problems: This plant may be infested by mealy bugs, a use of organic insecticide can prevent them and keep the plant happy.

Note: The plant show in the pic is a real plant so there may be a variation in the plant that is being sent.