Old man Cactus-Cephalocereus senilis

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Old man Cactus is a fuzzy, furry and a good looking cactus it has a white fur type layer allover it. If you are looking for a drought resistant plants then this is your best choice as this needs very little watering, this plant has got a prominent role in terrarium arrangements because of its wide spread adoptibility

Care for Cephalocereus senilis:
Maintaining Old man cactus is very easy as it needs very less watering and can grow well in a well drained soil, watering has to be done once you see the soil is completely dry. This plant can be grown as a good desktop plant in the office environment.

The gold finish recycle box type planter is included along with this purchase.

Note : the pic shows a live plant and hence there may be a little difference between the plant that is being shipped and the plant that is shown in the pic.