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Moon Cactus plants also known by the name  Gymnocalycium mihanovichii or Hibotan cactus is a very good house plant and comes in a stunning colors, The plant is outcome of grafting two plants and the top part becomes colorful because of the mutation and as a result gives a stunning effect.

This plant gives a fresh look and can be grown in the bright spot of the house 

Care for the moon cactus

Soil:This plant needs a well drained soil with lot of drainage holes in the planter, Though this plant can do good in any cactus potting mix but we recommend to add more perlite to the mix for a good drainage.

Watering: like any other indoor cactus plant moon cactus also needs very little watering as excess watering will lead to root rotting.

Lighting: This plant can grow well in low to medium lighting condition.

Note:The plant shown in the pic is a real plant and may have slight differences with the plant that is shipped.




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