Golden Barrel Cactus

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Echinocactus Grusoni commonly known by the name Golden Barrel, Mother-in-law's cushion is a very easy to grow house plant with a very nominal care, this plant can thrive in a low to medium lighting and is a very slow grower, just like other cactus this plant also needs very low watering

Care for Golden Barrel:

Soil: This plant needs a soil that is good in drainage the potting mix suitable for this plant should be rich in perlite and if it is not available then river sand or the construction sand can be used.

Watering :Golden Barrel needs very less watering and it can be watered in a intervals of almost once in a week which makes this plant feasible to grow in houses and for the people who are looking for low maintenance plants.

Note:This plant comes in a dia of 5 cm and may vary a bit in size from the one shown in the pic.