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Ficus Bonsai:  Ficus means fig. This plant is a plant for beginners,in this plant  thick and branched air root can be noticed immediately , which is different from every plant. Every plant therefore looks unique. 

Location: With good care, Ficus  can be kept for years. The plant requires a moderate amount of water, in summer more than in winter. Never leave water in the pot or dish, because the plant does not like wet feet. Feed regularly with any natural fertilizer . The ficus can also go outdoors and also preferably in the shade. 

Care tips: The Ficus preferably needs a light spot. Give water twice a week on average at room temperature. Be careful with watering and keep in mind the seasons, less in the winter and more in the summer. Move Ficus as little as possible and avoid drafts. A ficus that is too long can be pruned without problems. 

Note: This shipping contains 1 ficus bonsai 500gms in a plastic container, The ceramic planter is not included with this shipment. The plan will be shipped in 5-6 working days after the confirmation of the order.