Air purifying snake plant in a dull black Planter

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Product description
Plant name     : Sansevieria.
Plant Size       : 9 -12 feet in Height.
No of plants    : 3 numbers.
Potting Media : Any indoor plant potting mix can be used.
Pot size          : 1.75 feet tall.
Pot dia           :  9" at the top
Snake plant green in a dull black ribbed planter is a perfect combination for your indoor decor. This plant is proven  air purifier and is certified by NASA, so you get a double benefit that is both ambiance and health. This plant can find its place in offices, residences, hotels, restaurants and  many other places, the sleek design of the planter gives a added look to your decor. The planter is meticulously designed to match any interiors. This plant can be placed in low lighting conditions so it can find its place in bedrooms, drawing rooms, office cabins, cubicles, reception and corporate board rooms. 
This product will be shipped in 7 working days of getting the order, the plant and the planter will be shipped in separate cartoons, The excess potting mix will not be supplied and will have to be arranged by the buyer. The product may have slight changes from as the planter is manually made and the height of the plant may differ.