Air purifier snake plant

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Snake plant- If you are looking at a easy to grow indoor plant that improves the indoor air quality then you should not miss this plant. This is one of the proven plant that cleanses the air 

Care for snake plant 

Snake plant as said is easy to grow and propagate these plants can be neglected for long time even the they grow good, 

Soil for snake plant: This plant needs soil that has good drainage, as this plant does not like to sit on moisture for ling time, if made to sit then there is a absolute chance for root rot which can kill the plant. 

Watering the snake plant: While coming to watering as mentioned above the plant should have a dry phase and then it should be watered well, that is between two watering cycles the soil of the plant has to completely dry

Lightning for snake plant: As mentioned as indoor plant this plant can grow in less to low lighting area, this plant does not need direct sun though it can tolerate full sun also. a well lit window sill,  might be a bright hall or a goo bright balcony are best suited for these plants. This plant can also tolerate AC but needs bright light


This product consists of a snake plant in a contemporary container the Buddha is not included along with this shipping