Portulaca (11'o clock) with variants.

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Table rose, Portulaca Grandiflora, 11 O'Clock plant, is a delightful plant that comes in various colors and shades. The Plant can be either multi petal or single petal. This is a sun loving plant and one of the easy growing potted plants.

Care for Portuloca :

Soil: this plant can grow in almost any kind of soil and there are no special needs.

Watering: This plant does not need to much of watering and is a very good draught resistant plant.

Fertilizing: This plant will bloom two fold with any fertilizer rich in NPK.

This plant is generally infested by mealy bugs and that can destroy the entire plant so please use a general pesticide to keep the plant healthy.

Note: the plant shown in the picture is a real plant and may be different from the plant that is being shipped.